Technical support

Vermeer radni strojevi tehnička podrška - servis


Vermeer technical support service always comes first.
That is why our technical support specialists are trained for every single machine that comes out of the production line. With the help of the most modern tooling we offer you the following services:

  • diagnostics
  • hydraulic system checks
  • hydraulic pump repairs
  • electrical system checks
  • software updates and processors installation
  • regular maintenance



Vermeer tehnička podrška - rezervni dijelovi


Spare parts

Within our representative offices and Vermeer technical support personnel, there is a warehouse with original spare parts in each of our locations. Due to the job specifics, the spare parts warehouse is available to you every day of the year, including weekends and holidays.




Vermeer tehnička podrška - obuka

Special trainings – HDD operators training

In order to obtain the optimal performance from Vermeer horizontal drills, it is necessary to understand the HDD (horizontal directional drilling) methodology.
As part of Vermeer technical support, we offer training and operators development as follows:

  • jobsite training for operators on HDD machine
  • jobsite training for operators on location systems
  • jobsite training for operators on mixing units (including mud/additives training)
  • calculation and bore planning for HDD project