Surface miners

Vermeer površinski iskopi - terrain leverer

When there is a need to build new roads, reconstructing the old ones or performing surface excavations in quarries and mines, Vermeer delivers special Terrain Leveler machinery. The performannces of this kind of surface miners are astonishing – the mining is done in even extremly hard conditions up to 3.7 m wide and up to 0.8 m deep in one pass.

The Tec-Plus operating system with laser levels the  surface to the perfection with required angles and depths. The operation of the machine is completely automatic with predefined parameters. Terrain Leveler technology has completely replaced conventional methods which include excavators with hydraulics hammers, loaders, dumpers, rippers and crushers. In areas where blasting is prohibited, Terrain Leveler is an indispensable mechanization.

Vermeer površinski iskopi - terrain leverer

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