Vermeer pneumatski podbušivači - rakete


Vermeer pneumatski podbušivači - rakete

Vermeer moles are the group of simple drilling tools for economical method of utility installation for the lengths up to 20 m. With the moles, you can install a variety of utilities including gas and electricity, optical and telephone cables, water and irrigation systems.

Vermeer moles are designed to be opened and serviced in the field within  few minutes, with basic hand tools.

Contact us to help you choose the right Vermeer mole model for your project.


Vermeer pneumatski podbušivači - rakete - primer primene


Model Diameter (mm) Lenght (cm) Weight (kg)
VPT200 50 114 14
VPT250 60 132 29
VPT300 75 142 38
VPT400 100 162 68
VPT500 130 170 107



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