Horizontal directional drilling

Vermeer horizontalno podbušivanje sa navođenjem - horizontalne bušilice

For utility installation projects under the buildings, rivers, highways and other obstacles, horizontal directional drilling machines is irreplaceable equipment..

Horizontal directional drilling machines are a combination of rough construction and state-of-the-art technology, they are mobile and easily adaptable to different locations and working conditions.

With a wide range of horizontal drilling machines, Vermeer, as a leader and innovator in the world of horizontal drilling, offers you a solution for utility installation - gas, electricity, water and fiber optic cables.

Contact us to help you choose the right size drilling machine for your project.

Model Pullback force (kg) Max bore diameter (mm) Max lenght (m)
Vermeer horizontalna bušilica D6x6 D6x6 SII 2.750 150 80
Vermeer horizontalna bušilica D9x13 S3 D9x13 SIII 4.120 250 100
Vermeer horizontalna bušilica D10x15 S3 D10x15 SIII 4.670 350 120
Vermeer horizontalna bušilica D10x15 S3 D20x22 SIII 9.225 450 180
Vermeer horizontalna bušilica D23x30 S3 D23x30 SIII 10.650 550 200
Vermeer horizontalna bušilica D24x40 S3 D24x40 SIII 11.820 650 250
Vermeer horizontalna bušilica D36x50DR D36x50DR SII 18.825 750 300
Vermeer horizontalna bušilica D40x55 S3 10' D40x55 SIII 19.250 800 300
 Vermeer horizontalna bušilica D60x90 S3 D60x90 SIII 27.445 900 400
Vermeer horizontalna bušilica D100x140 D100x140 SIII 45.820 1100 600



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