Vermeer horizontalna busilica - horizontalno podbušivanjeHorizontal directional drills (HDD)

As a leader and innovator in the world of horizontal directional drilling, Vermeer offers a wide range of horizontal drill rigs.
Durability, reliability, ease of maintenance and state-of-the-art technology are just some of the features that keep Vermeer drills on the top. They are ideal for installing underground utilities like gas, electricity, water and telecommunications.
HDD rigs are a combination of rough construction, state-of-the-art technology and high torque that provides reliable and productive working machines.



TrenchersVermeer rovokopač trenčer

Vermeer trenchers are working machines designed for simultaneous cutting, excavation and disposal of excavated material. Depending on the trencher model, they can be used for various purposes: from small interventions such as shallow installation of utilities in soft soil to making deep trenches for laying various types of main lines in the rock. The key advantages of the trencher are fast excavation, lower man force consumption, cleaner and more stable trench, better execution of the longitudinal slope of the trench and the possibility of using the excavated material for backfilling. Accordingly, the final cost of operation is much lower.




Vermeer pneumatski podbušivači - RaketeMoles

With moles (also known as pneumatic drills) you can install various types of utilities including gas, electricity, optical fiber, water and irrigation systems. Moles are very simple tool, they are designed to be opened and serviced in the field within few minutes, with basic hand tools.

Vermeer drobilica za drvo



Environmental machines are a wide range of machinery that are used to preserve environment but also to keep sustainability. So the main goal of environmental machines is recycling and ecology in general. Environmental product range includes brush chippers, stump cutters and horizontal grinders used in biomass sector.



Vermeer Površinski iskopi - ravnanje terena



Surface miners

When fighting rough terrain you need a robust and reliable working machine. Vermeer took a proven rock trencher and added a Terrain Leveler attachment creating aggressive surface miner which eliminates the need for crushers, loaders, dumpers, rippers and vertical drills.
It is intended for work in quarries or other areas where blasting is prohibited.