Areas of application

Vermeer rovokopac RTX250 - oblasti primeneInstallation of irrigation systems, maintenance of grass areas, for digging small trenches for house connections, the most efficient machines are pedestrian Vermeer trenchers. Self-propelled Vermeer pedestrian trenchers are ideal for small spaces in private yards and narrow aisles. Their track driven light construction will do the least damage to expensive lawns and exotic gardens.



Vermeer rovokopac RTX1250 - oblasti primeneVermeer track trenchers are the right choice for the bigger pipeline projects. In this category of trenchers, the operator sits in the machine cab and easily performs longer excavations. Depending on the type of terrain and utility type, we offer different attachments: boom with chain, rockwheel, plow and micro trencher. The advantages of trencher are clean and stable trench, excavated material is sorted from the side and ready for backfilling, but also faster and more efficient excavation of the trench.


Vermeer microtrench - oblasti primeneTrenching for laying optical cables is most common in urban areas, on the pavement or on the sidewalk. Vermeer offers solutions and modern microtrenching techniques with advantages as follows: material savings, faster execution, reduced impact on traffic and greater safety. Microtrencher attachment widths from 1.9cm to 5.7cm and depths from 20cm to 40cm. Along with microtrencher attachment, there is also a vacuum system that sucks up all  excavated material and the trench remains absolutely clean.




Vermeer horizontalna bušilica - oblasti primeneHorizontal directional drilling technology allows the installation of installations in urban areas, avoiding existing installations. With the help of Vermeer horizontal directional drills, we bypass areas that require special excavation permits (airports, railways, roads, rivers etc). Horizontal directional drilling does not impact the landscape and traffic infrastructure which has great importance in urban areas.


Vermeer pneumatski podbusivac - raketa - oblasti primene

For distances up to 20 m, where it is necessary to drill and install utilities of a smaller diameters, Vermeer moles are ideal tool.

Very easy to handle, easy to service, they are the perfect tool for installing polyethylene pipes and optical cables. We offer a new system of moles with replaceable drill head, with an active head or standard moles. Their simple construction makes them very long-lasting and cost-effective equipment for drilling at short distances.

Vermeer moles are delivered complete with the oiler and reinforced air hose.



Vermeer rovokopač - izgradnja gasovoda - oblasti primeneOur team is a partner to all Vermeer customers for consultations on complex projects but also out on the jobsite for operational assistance and quick service intervention.



Vermeer trenčer - oblasti primene

In surface mining and trenching applications in any type of terrain, Vermeer with its many years of experience, offers a full range of heavy machinery which you need to successfully complete the job. Vermeer track trenchers are designed to dig in rocky terrains which reduces the need for other machines and shortens the excavation time.




Vermeer horizontalna busuilica D100x140 - oblasti primeneHorizontal directional drills can install also steel pipes under the obstacles. With over 20 models from small, medium to large horizontal directional drills, Vermeer responds to the most difficult drilling projects for installation of all diameters of the steel pipes. Using the latest location systems for monitoring the drilling process, we can read the exact position of the drill head at any time.



‚Vermeer terrain leveler T1255 - oblasti primeneTerrain Leveler technology is the most modern method of working in quarries. From the efficiency standpoint, it eliminates several processes in order to obtain proper sized material. No more need for blasting, excavators hydraulic breakers, primary and secondary crushers. Only one operator with the Terrain Leveler machine can do everything very precisely and cost effective. Vermeer Terrain Leveler is the best choice for surface mining in quarries, road construction and site preparation projects.

The responsibility for managing organic resources is greater than ever. What was once considered as a waste, now is a source of energy. The production of energy from biomass is an industry that grows rapidly year by year everywhere in the world. Vermeer offers wood chippers, from the smallest for the road maintenance to the large high speed grinders.

The most impressive are the grinders for industrial applications, where biomass power plants need large quantities of material in a short period of time. Vermeer grinders can process a variety of organic waste with excellent results producing high quality compost material.

Vermeer drobilice za drvo - oblasti primene

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